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Transforming parking solutions to meet the changed commute

In a changed world where flexible commuting is here to stay, the parking industry must be ready to meet the challenge. Our latest market-leading solutions are here to transform parking.

The COVID pandemic has resulted in unprecedented, permanent change in working practices across Australia — and it’s had a significant impact on parking too.

Activity across our 1.5 million digital user base shows…

  • In-office working weeks are now focused on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • 75% of commuters are more likely to book their parking in advance
  • Digital car park bookings have risen by 262%

We know that commuters now want…

  • Parking options that match their new working patterns
  • The flexibility to plan, book, park and pay at a great rate
  • A seamless, convenient technology experience
  • Incentives that reward their parking loyalty

We also know that the changes are likely to be permanent…

  • 80% of employers say working from home is here to stay
  • Beck & Hensher, University of Sydney, 2021

We’ve listened, learned and actioned…

By analysing our own parking data, by undertaking consumer research and by consulting with commercial real estate owners and corporate employers, we’ve developed the next level of parking flexibility for commuters – allowing us all to once again earn the commute.

New solutions to transform parking

Monthly Subscriptions
Monthly subscriptions

Commuters want flexibility built into their regular parking alongside preferential rates and certainty in using their favourite car park — and our Monthly Subscription solution, now available in the App meets these needs and more.

Across a select number of pre-launch sites with no additional marketing, our in-app monthly subscription solution generated significant new business.

  • 33% of additional subscriptions were from new or re-engaged customers of Wilson Parking
  • 40% of all new subscriptions came through the app.

These early positive results demonstrate how making the move to digital and providing flexibility with no long term lock-in contracts is encouraging more customers to move to a consistent Monthly Subscription model.

Daily Pass Bundle — coming soon
Daily pass bundle

Many city centre workers now require freedom on when they park — and they also want to benefit from reduced rates.

Our new Daily Pass Bundle allows regular customers to pre-purchase a bundle of multiple car park sessions within a single purchase. It's a solution that enables commuters to get better savings compared to the cost of individual sessions, delivers enhanced flexibility for workers who need it and gives that mid-point between day-by-day online booking and a monthly subscription.

Pay by App
Pay by app

While flexibility has become a key part of working life, commuters also expect a high level of consistency and convenience throughout their parking and payment journey.

Now fully integrated within the Wilson Parking App, Pay by App enables a simple and fast payment experience at our pay-and-display sites for over 900,000 app users across Australia.

Building commuter awareness

Wilson Parking is Australia’s leading provider of car parking technology solutions. With 1.5 million digital users — including over 900,000 app users — we’re busy making sure commuters across the country are kept informed about our new solutions, helping to ease the commute and encourage the return to cities.

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